ethecon protests against censure

Dear executives of FORMOSA PLASTICS GROUP:

As members of the board of „ethecon - Stiftung Ethik & Íkonomie“ (ethecon - Foundation Ethics & Economics) we strongly protest your censure of the bus advertisement calling attention in the streets of Taipei to the disgrace of FORMOSA PLASTICS GROUP (FPG).

The international ethecon Black Planet Award 2009 was bestowed on founding family Wang, CEO Lee Chih-tsuen and further accountable FPG managers last November during an international ceremony in Berlin as a response to innumerable violations of health and environmental protection regulations. The prize rewards your ruthless greed. As we see it, you keep doing everything possible to destroy our earth and to conjure up a „Black Planet“.

For this reason, along with several Taiwanese social and environmental protection organisations, ethecon stands behind the advertisement on the buses, which refers to some of the many stains in FORMOSA's company history as well as to the award given to the concern by us.

The advertisement on the busses was financed by nonpartisan representatives of Taiwanese civil society together with ethecon. FORMOSA PLASTICS GROUP may be powerful enough in Taiwan to have the word „Disgrace“ pasted over or removed and then the ads removed from public view entirely, however, with this action you will not be able to cover up your own shameless conduct. In contrast: this attempt to suppress freedom of speech and opinion will only be added to your already long list of offenses.

Again we condemn your act of censure. With this censure you will only achieve negative publicity. Your „disgrace“ will be even greater and apparent to a larger public.

Together with the Taiwanese organisations ethecon strongly objects to this censure and asks concerned citizens to join in protest.

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