November 21, in Berlin:
Awarding Ceremony of the two International ethecon Prices

Israeli human rights activist Uri Avnery is honoured with „Blue Planet Award 2009 “.

„Black Planet Award 2009” scathes owner family Wang and the management of FORMOSA PLASTICS GROUP/Taiwan.

The public ceremony for the awarding of the two international ethecon prices 2009 will be held on

                    November 21, 2009, 02:00 p.m.
                    Pfefferwerk „Großer Saal“
                    Schönhauser Allee 176, 10199 Berlin

With increasing international interest „ethecon - Foundation Ethics & Economics“ annually awards two international prizes:

The positive price „Blue Planet Award“ honours outstanding dedication to the securement and rescue of our „blue planet“.

The defamation price „Black Planet Award“ purports to scathe those responsible for causing a „black planet“, meaning those responsible for the ruin and the destruction of the earth.

In co-operation with the legendary ZERO artist Otto Piene the international ethecon „Blue Planet Award 2009 “ will go to the Israeli peace and human right activist Uri Avnery. Born as Helmut Ostermann in Germany, Avnery has lived in Palestine since his tenth birthday. He has entirely dedicated himself to the idea of Israeli-Palestinian peace and the coexistence of both states. This in both word and deed and subsequentially confronted with consequences ranging from national repression, attacks on body and limb as well as murder threats. Uri Avnery stands among other things for the internationally highly estimated Israeli peace network Gusch Schalom.

The international ethecon „Black Planet Award 2009“ scathes the practises of the FORMOSA PLASTICS GROUP, founded in 1954 with its headquarters located now in Taiwan. Owner family Wang, considered to hold an accumulated wealth near 70 billion Euros and managing director Lee Chih-tsuen head one of the world-wide largest producers of PVC, a material which among other things is responsible for health risks such as cancer, respitory illnesses and blood circulation disturbances that are known to promote abortions and birth errors. In addition, the FORMOSA PLASTICS GROUP is known for its world-wide irresponsible environmental and health protection policies.

The Laudatio will be held by Abraham Melzer, German-born publisher on 21.11.09 in Berlin in presence of Uri Avnery and his wife Mrs. Rachel Avnery.

The international well known toxicologist Prof. Otmar Wassermann will scathe the FORMOSA PLASTIC GROUP.

Furthermore the US Iraq war deserteer André Shepherd will speak to the topic of „war and desertion“.

„ethecon - Foundation Ethics & Economics“ is a small and young non-affiliated foundation, contrary to the many company, family, church, party and/or State foundations. ethecon sees itself with a special responsibility towards coming generations. ethecon has at present eleven founding donators and is open for further interest.

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