Homeless World Cup 2010
Street soccer versus Homelessness

From September 19 to 26 the eighth Homeless World Cup will take place in Rio de Janeiro. Teams from 64 countries will be participating. „ethecon - Foundation Ethics & Economics“ has been one on the main sponsors of the German team since 2005, contributing substantially to air travel costs and funding the soccer shirts.

The seven players of the German national team will fly with their trainer, sport scientist Stefan Huhn, to the home of street soccer, Brasil. For a whole week homeless players from five continents will play against each other - but also with each other - on the Copacabana beach. Besides their homelessness and their common goal to win the cup, the players are united by their wish for attention, acceptance und equal participation in society. During the meet they experience a sense of community and international solidarity which in their everyday life is sorely lacking. Usually ignored as an unwelcome fringe element of society, here they are truly at the center of attention.

The players qualified for the „Team Germany“ during the German Homeless Cup, which took place this year in Hamburg on July 30 and 31 under the motto „The World Cup has a Sequel“. They came from various local teams which have evolved primarily out of athletic programs offered by social workers in projects for the homeless and alcohol and drug dependents. For them, their participation in the Homeless World Cup (HWC) in Rio is a very special opportunity.

Team spirit, motivation and a sense of responsibility often change the lives of the homeless soccer players way beyond the actual World Cup. Studies show that shortly after the annual championship 70 percent of the participants show significant improvements in their personal lives as well as in their living and/or working situation. Positive experiences and personal success grant many the fortitude necessary to overcome resignation and depression, to take their lives into their own hands and to resolutely address problems.

„ethecon - Foundation Ethics & Economics“ supports the Homeless World Cup, not only because this event essentially criticizes the economic and social exclusion of the homeless and points out the breach of ethical principles; but also because it gives back the participants and the many homeless fans a piece of human dignity and offers them a chance to again have an equal place in society. Accordingly, ethecon couples its support of the German HWC Team not only with the demand for an end to the social exclusion of the homeless, but also advocates the reformation of society as a whole, directing it away from the principle of profit first and toward a system of solidarity. In this reorganized society everyone will be able to realize his right to work and his right to full social and cultural expression.

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