Grief and anger - Capitalistic barbarism reaches new quality

Even weeks after the human catastrophe in Japan the facts are hidden from the (world) public: How many localities are affected by the devastating earthquake, the Tsunami and the hundreds of aftershocks of the past few days, and in which way? What is really going on in the Japanese nuclear power plants, in fact in all ones? What about the radioactive hazard? What about the remaining industrial hazards, the dangerous chemical productions and others? What are the consequences of burst gas lines and chemical tanks? What are the consequences of the minimal, but occurred displacement of the Earth’s axis for this planet? And in the centre of all questions: How many people are affected? How many dead, how many injured, how many contaminated are there in fact? Which radiation risks exist for the people in Japan, the neighbouring countries, the whole world? What does the atomic catastrophe mean for the ecology of the country, the seas and the planet?

On maps in the internet (i.e. the area which is affected “very strong” by the about 300 earth quakes, ranges from south of Tokyo to far into the north and consist dozens of localities with many millions of residents. Tokyo itself, the 35-million- metropolis, is not included though, but is also located in the area “strong” affected, which outreaches the area “very strong” affected far.

In the catastrophe advices mainly Fukushima’s nuclear disaster reactors can be found. Occasionally the power plants Onogawa and Tokai were popping up, but only to sink right away into the dark of silence. Thereby, Tokai is located only 120 km northwest of Tokyo. Hardly a word is found in the news about the other dangerous production plants and storage facilities.

In a real barbarian way one thing becomes clear: The principal object of communication and action is not to save lives, to protect mankind from hazard or the ecology of our planet; no, the principal object is to assure profits. Under the pretence of causing no panic, the persons responsible not only lie and withhold information, but furthermore trivialise it. Even WHO and UNO are joining, pretending to avoid panic. Small mistakes like the, immediately berated, comments of US president Obama about the lack of dimension of the evacuation zone, or of EU energy commissioner Oettinger about the rating of the nuclear disaster as a super disaster do not change anything to the syndicate of lies.

The most devastating is the information policy for Japanese population. People in Japan, who are considering the catastrophe not going to work and are seeking salvation on the run, are being denounced. According to “Liveticker Japan” (SPIEGEL online) even foreigners employed in Japanese companies, who escape with their families southward or out of the country, receive e-mails by the corporate managements, denouncing them as “betrayer”. Production and stock exchange in Japan are kept up even when foreign enterprises shut down their plants long ago, being worried about their Japanese employees.

The inhuman character of the information policy becomes clear, when Katsunobu Sakurai, mayor of the city 20 km north of Fukushima with 70.000 residents, is asserting in a BBC interview on 18.03.2011 “that they left us here to die”. The disregard of any ecology is displayed by saying “no hazard, the radioactive cloud will go down in the pacific”.

And what about TEPCO, the enterprise which is responsible for the nuclear disaster? It sacrifices “heroes” in the nuclear plants to avoid the worst of the worst in the radiation inferno; and takes a stranglehold over politics so that corporate balance sheets sustain the smallest damage.

The cynicism of asset’s and politics’ alliance, the capitalistic barbarism has reached a new quality. What we experience presently, will hit us tomorrow too – no matter at whichever occasion. In this situation of grief and anger there is only one thing: Step onto the streets! Get out of nuclear energy! Out of capitalism!

Axel Köhler-Schnura
Founder and member of the board of ethecon – Foundation Ethics & Economics
Founding member of the anti-nuclear movement with Petra Kelly in the federal association action group environment protection

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