My name is Rikiya Adachi, Spokesperson of the International Bureau of Greens Japan (Midorino Mirai in Japanese). Greens Japan is a political organization which has some 500 members including more than 60 municipal councilors. Also it is a member of Global Greens, a federation of Green Parties all over the world. One of our biggest aims is to construct a greener world in a political way.

The incident of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant gave us many lessons which we should have learned from Chernobyl. We cannot handle nuclear power safely in anyway. It is never “green” as some people - like Japanese government especially before 3.11 – used to say. Once we had an accident, we cannot compensate for it. Even if the nuclear power plants are operated “under control”, they are always emitting radioactive materials which is critical for us. TEPCO definitely deserves the Black Planet Award, since it has made these things clearer than ever. It is very ironical, since Japan is the only country that is victimized by nuclear bombings in 1945 – the first case ever in human history. Japan should have known the tragedy of radioactive disasters better than any other countries.

TEPCO claimed that the accident was triggered by the unprecedented mega-quake and megatsunami which were beyond the assumption. However the seismologist who researched the record of the ancient mega-quake and mega-tsunami in adjacent area of Fukushima Daiichi pointed out the necessity of countermeasures in the governmental commission in 2009. TEPCO did not take any effective measures. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission warned about possible failures of Mark 1 containments, which were employed in Fukushima Daiichi, twenty years ago, but TEPCO has also ignored it. TEPCO has ignored many important warnings and postponed safety to economical profit.

Nuclear power plants destroy not only the natural environment and human health, but also our society. Geographically and socially marginalized people are the first ones who are affected. TEPCO hides correct information about the emission of the radioactive materials. Nuclear development is necessarily accompanied with military matters, which would not disclose information. Lack of information disturbs our democratic decisions. Many people don't know how contaminated the land they live is. A lot of people are forced to eat contaminated food. Many workers in the nuclear power plants are from lower income class, while many shareholders of TEPCO are enjoying their lives on a throne in a safer place. That is why we should be against the nuclear development not only scientifically but also politically. The soil and the sea around Fukushima Daiichi are severely contaminated. People who live within 20 km radii from there had to evacuate. The evacuation zone was enlarged to as far as 50 km. Vegetables, meats, fish and milk were abandoned. Contaminating not only Japan but also all over the world, there is no doubt that TEPCO is the most responsible for this nightmare.

The accident is still going on and we cannot foresee the way out. I wish TEPCO will not become the first one that receives the Black Planet Award for two consecutive years.

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