Concerning the Presentation of the International ethecon Blue Planet Award to Huberto Juárez Núñez (Mexico), Trade Union Movement and Workers’ Movement Activist.

Huberto Juárez Núñez was born on 3rd November 1951 in Santa Cruz Itundujia, a small traditional village in the Mexican federative state of Oaxaca , the eldest of 11 children.
His father was the head of the local primary school, and his mother was a teacher. Going beyond the scope of their activities as educators, both worked tirelessly for justice and for the interests of the rural population.

It was because of his family environment that Huberto Juárez Núñez was confronted with social injustice, exploitation and the effects of capitalist power early in his life. The indigenous communities of Oaxaca suffered – and still suffer – from poverty, marginalisation and racist hostility. Fighting and barefaced land grabbing by caciques and other local leaders were always present.


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