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ethecon activists travel to the USA
Presentation of negative award to board members and major shareholders of DOW CHEMICAL
A team of activists from Ethecon foundation is traveling to the USA in time for the commemoration of the 32nd anniversary of the Bhopal Gas Disaster on 2nd December 1984. Performing several actions in New York, Midland/Michigan and Seadrift and Houston/Texas they will present last year‚s International Ethecon Black Planet Award to DOW CHEMICAL board members Andrew Liveris and James Ringler as well as the major shareholders.
The International Ethecon Black Planet Award 2015 was awarded to board members Andrew Liveris and James Ringler as well as the major stockholders of the DOW CHEMICAL corporation.
Axel Köhler-Schnura, founding member and chairperson of ethecon Foundation Ethics & Economics commented: “DOW CHEMICAL is involved in countless crimes against humanity and the environment: funding political parties at election time, tax evasion, environmental destruction through genetic manipulation to radioactive contamination, falsification of measurements, warmongering, price manipulation, bribery, you name it. Chairman Andrew Liveris, board member James M. Ringler and the major stockholders are responsible for the decisions and actions of the corporation DOW CHEMICAL. They are the owners of the corporation. They run the company. They act in the interest of their own power and personal enrichment. To this end they sacrifice morals and ethics and accept the destruction of planet earth.”
Activists from ethecon foundation are on their way to present the award to the vilified awardees Liveris, Ringler and the major stockholders of DOW CHEMICAL. Amongst them is Anabel Schnura who has volunteered several times at the self-governing Sambhavna Clinic in Bhopal, India. She experienced herself how for 32 years the awardees have been refusing to compensate the hundreds of thousands of victims, the bereaved and family members of the “biggest chemical disaster in history” and clean up the environment. Anabel Schnura said: “In 1984 thousands died, hundreds of thousands are still sick and suffering, every year hundreds are dying. The Sambhavna Clinic in Bhopal, funded by donations and run by volunteers, treats 31,000 patients alone, including children and toddlers who again and again get poisoned by DOW‘s toxic chemicals that are still there. With the presentation of the award we demand that DOW at last complies with the court summons from India, that DOW at last compensates the victims, that DOW at last carries out a comprehensive decontamination of water, air and soil!”
At the presentation of the ethecon Black Plant Award 2015 to the vilified board members Liveris and Ringler as well as the major stockholders Anabel Schnura and her fellow activists will be supported by many organization during their actions in New York, Midland and Seadrift, including International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal and the Bhopal Medical Appeal but also Aid India, Texas Environmental Justice and Advocacy Services, Greenpeace and the Pesticide Action Network North America. The actions on 2nd December will be transmitted live to the Peoples' Assembly and mass demonstration in Bhopal, India on the 32nd anniversary of the major disaster in 1984 whose responsibility lies with DOW subsidiary UNION CARBIDE.
The negative award comes in the form of a cheap plastic globe designed as a planet threatened with destruction, by a youth whose live and future is ruined by the vilified awardees purely for profit.
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Every year since 2006 Ethecon has awarded the two international positive and negative prizes, the International Ethecon Blue Planet Award for an outstanding commitment to maintain and save the “Blue Planet” and the International Ethecon Black Planet Award for a shocking responsibility for the ruin and destruction of the earth. Blue Planet laureates include Vandana Shiva from India, Uri Avnery from Israel and Jean Ziegler from Switzerland. The Black Planet Award has vilified managers and major shareholders of the companies BP/UK, TEPCO/Japan, Deutsche Bank/Germany and FORMOSA PLASTICS/Taiwan.
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