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2 December vigil on Wall Street
Commemorating the hundreds of thousands of victims of corporate greed in Bhopal, India

On 2 December ethecon foundation activists and their US partners invite all to a vigil on Wall Street to commemorate the hundreds of thousands of victims of corporate greed in Bhopal, India. The occasion is the presentation of the International Ethecon Black Planet Award 2015 to the DOW CHEMICAL board members Andrew Liveris and James Ringler as well as the major shareholders by German activists.
At a kickoff event in New York on 1 December supporters, representatives of various US organizations as well as activists from ethecon Foundation Ethics & Economics who arrived in the USA on 30 November. Together they discussed the actions on Wall Street on 2 December as well as the other US tour dates of the Ethecon activists that are part of the presentation of the foundation‚s negative award, the International Ethecon Black Planet Award to the responsible managers Andrew N. Liveris and James M Ringler as well as the major shareholders of DOW CHEMICAL.
Ray Rogers, chairperson of the organization KillerCoke summed it up succintly: “Driven by unrestrained greed the board and management of DOW CHEMICAL displayed complete ignorance towards the law and the blue planet. They ought to be in prison!”
Santosh Rohit, chair of the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal as well as Aid India added: “India has indicted UNION CARBIDE for mass murder, but the executives of the corporation have ignored any court summons. Following the acquisition of UNION CARBIDE in 2001 DOW CHEMICAL is now responsible, but it continues to ignore Indian law.”
2 December action on Wall Street to mark 32nd Bhopal anniversary
Solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of victims and survivors of the 1984 chemical disaster in Bhopal, India.
Public vilification of Andrew Liveris, James Ringler and the major shareholders of DOW CHEMICAL with the International ethecon Black Planet Award 2015.
Immediate compensation of the victims and survivors by DOW CHEMICAL!
DOW CHEMICAL must clean up and decontaminate soil and water without delay!
The executives of DOW CHEMICAL must be tried in court!
Press meeting
Friday, 2 December, 5 pm (New York time)
Meeting place: Charging Bull
Broadway, corner Morris Street
New York 10004
Vigil on Wall Street
Friday, 2 December, 6 pm (New York time)
Meeting place: Charging Bull
Broadway, corner Morris Street
New York 10004
Anyone who wants to stand up for the above demands, together with ethecon and other activists in solidarity with the people of Bhopal, India, is cordially invited to take part in the vigil.
The ethecon actions are supported by many organizations in the USA and other countries, including the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal and the Bhopal Medical Appeal but also Aid India, Texas Environmental Justice and Advocacy Services, Greenpeace and the Pesticide Action Network North America.
On 2 and 3 December there will be a live transmission to the actions in New York, which will be transmitted to the people‘s assembly and mass demonstration in Bhopal on the 32nd anniversary of the catastrophe.
The ethecon activist Anabel Schnura who will be present at all the actions is writing updates on her blog bellainbhopal.wordpress.com.Brutal, furchteinflößend und angriffslustig.
Brutal, terrifying and belligerent: The sculpture of the potent bull on Morris Street, corner Broadway in New York (cf. Appendix) embodies point-blank capital's aggressive and ruthless hunger for profit.
This is what the ethecon actions on 2 December are fighting against. Above all, Andrew Liveris, James Ringler and DOW shareholders are vilified through the presentation of the International ethecon Black Planet Award 2015 by ethecon Foundation Ethics & Economics. They are responsible for countless crimes and scandals committed in the name of corporate profit. Their names are connected to the biggest chemical disaster in the history of mankind in Bhopal, India. It is their responsibility that the victims are still denied appropriate compensation and that the local environment is still not cleaned up and continues to poison people. Moreover, they knowingly and persistently avoid any prosecution in India.
In der Nacht vom 02. auf den 03. Dezember 1984 entwich auf Grund mangelnder Sicherheit der Anlagen eine tödlichen Chemiewolke aus einem Pestizidtank von UNION CARBIDE, einer Tochter von DOW CHEMICAL. Das kostete unmittelbar über 10.000 Menschen das Leben. Bis heute fanden mehr als 25.000 Menschen den Tod. Dazu kommen mind. 200.000 Verletzte mit massiven langwierigen Erkrankungen.
Due to a lack of safety, a deathly chemical cloud leaked from a pesticide tank at the UNION CARBIDE, a subsidiary of DOW CHEMICAL, at night on 2nd December 1984. More than 10,000 people were killed immediately. Until now more than 25,000 people have died. In addition, at least 200,000 injured are suffering from major longterm illnesses.
For this reason, the International Ethecon Black Planet Award will therefore be presented to them on the 32nd anniversary of this disaster.
On 5 December the award, certificate and open letter will be presented to the vilified awardees during an action at the corporate HQ in Midland/Michigan. On 7 December there will be flyering and vigils at various production facilities in Texas.
The actions need about 15.000 Euro. Because we don’t get any official financial support, we need donations. We got already about 5.000 Euro. For fullfilling the actions as planned we need further donations. Big ones and small ones. Thank you.

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In contrast to many corporate, family, church, political and state foundations, ethecon Foundation Ethics & Economics is one of the few foundations “from below” whose motto is “For a world without exploitation and oppression!“ This still young foundation needs new endowments, donations and supporting memberships.
Every year since 2006 ethecon has awarded the two international positive and negative prizes, the International ethecon Blue Planet Award for an outstanding commitment to maintain and save the “Blue Planet” and the International ethecon Black Planet Award for a shocking responsibility for the ruin and destruction of the earth. Blue Planet laureates include Vandana Shiva from India, Uri Avnery from Israel and Jean Ziegler from Switzerland. The Black Planet Award has vilified managers and major shareholders of the companies BP/UK, TEPCO/Japan, Deutsche Bank/Germany and FORMOSA PLASTICS/Taiwan.
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