Our blue planet is in serious danger. This is no longer denied by politicians and scientists. However the cause is still ignored: greed is the driving force in the worldwide economic system. This system is responsible for injustice, exploitation and ecological destruction. Increasing profits is the only criterion in the design of society and the environment. The disastrous consequences are undeniable: mass unemployment, the ruin of public healthcare, the education system and pensions, poverty, miserable living conditions and homelessness, egoism, crime and ruthlessness, armament production and wars, climate change and environmental collapse.

A different and more just world is possible if we move towards environmentally friendly and human economic,- and society-models beyond profit maximisation. To achieve this there has to be social movement, corporate- and globalisation criticism bringing ethics and economics together from the roots up. For the benefit of ecology and society ethic principles have to prevail economic considerations. Saving the planet will only be successful if purely profit-oriented economy collapses and ethical principals are embedded instead.

This alteration of the development of our society towards more equality, a sound environment and overcoming the principles of profit is not a shortterm task. Longterm persistence is needed. To accomplish this essential change a wide social movement have to be developed uniting all the fragmented powers. Good ideas and voluntary efforts will not be enough to cope with this longterm task. Sufficient funds have to be available.

“ethecon – Foundation for Ethics & Economics” starts its action at this point. Associations and organisations usually act on shortterm visions whereas the ethecon foundation follows the view that successful efforts fostering ethical principles for the benefit of ecology and economics needs a lot of time. This will exceed the scope of a single generation. The decision to choose a foundation as the form of organisation was meant to secure a basis for a longterm commitment promoting solidary principles to prevail profit oriented principles.

To ensure later generations a strong foundation ‘ethecon’ is constantly searching for funds and sponsoring members. Founded in 2004 ‘ethecon’ was able to multiply the starting capital of 85 thousand Euro with further endowments. The current status of the foundation’s capital is presented regularly in the foundation booklet (called „Für eine welt ohne Ausbeutung und Unterdrückung“).

ethecon addresses people aware of the devastating consequences of the social and ecological development and wish to manage their capital in a responsible way. Many people want to stop talking about changes and engage into action. The aim is to give the next generations the possibility to live and work in an intact and peaceful environment and society.

You can help. If you endorse the idea of countering the domination of profit orientation please support “ethecon – Foundation for Ethics & Economics”.
If a substantial endowment (beyond 5 thousand Euro) is not possible there is a way to help through smaller donations or a sponsoring membership. A new possibility is to create a savings account to collect a bigger endowment over time. In any case, contributions enjoy tax privileges. They are higher than the exemption limit of normal donations and are also more profitable then party donations.

Act now! Ethecon needs you as member, donor, or sponsoring member. Order the foundation booklet „Für eine Welt ohne Ausbeutung und Unterdrückung“ and use the attached reply form.

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