The replacement of human ethical values with the maxim of profit maximization is not bound to national conditions, but on the contrary is a phenomenon that encompasses the entire globe. This is clear not least in the growing significance of multinational concerns, which are currently expanding their national control structures into world-encompassing power networks.

Taking account of this fact, ethecon has from the beginning on conceived of itself as an internationally active and internationally oriented organization. The ethecon - Foundation Ethics & Economics is fundamentally committed to the principles of international friendship and antiracism. Consistent with this identity, the name of the foundation is itself a portmanteau combining the two English words ethics and economics.

Also consistent with the international orientation of the foundation was the decision to locate the seat of the organization in Berlin. Berlin is a metropolis that shares a thriving exchange with the entire world, and is the seat of not only Germany’s federal government, but also many international organizations.

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