Handover of „Black Planet Award 2008“ at YouTube

The 2008 International Ethecon Foundation Denouncemet „Black Planet Award” went to the owners and resposible managers of the deadly corporatinon XE, (formerly Blackwater) for their endangerment and efforts to the ruinment of our planet, the earth in a ceremony past March. The Awardment activities can now be seen on.

youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFplhNPhZEI

On Monday May 11th, 2009 the owner of XE, millionair Erik Prince was awarded the 2008 ethecon denouncement prize his home in McLean,Virginia by peace activists Colonel a.D. Ann Wright (Vietnam veteran), Ariel Vegosen, Janine Boneparth in cooperation with as Diane Wilson, fisherwoman and Vietnam veteran. The awards activities incorperated a performance during which the reasons for the denouncement award were publically announced and are now on view on youtube.

The „Open Letter” presented to Erik Prince, Gary Jackson, Cofer Black, Chris Taylor, Robert Richter und Brian Bonfiglio of XE. (formerly BLACKWATER) eluciates the grounds for the award: „Your corporation is not controlled by the laws of this country. You represent a danger not only for peace endeavors and human rights but for democracy and mankind in general. As capital owners and responsible managers you are running our blue planet, the Earth to ruin…”

ethecon is, contrary to other state or church or family foundations one of the very few „grassroots” foundations genuinely dedicated to the sustanance of future generations.

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