The DOW CHEMICAL (US) website states that the company aims “to advance the well-being of humanity by helping lead the transition to a sustainable planet and society”. The chemical giant adopts a “green” and fair posture by sponsoring the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympics. But the reality of the corporate world looks quite different: Whether it is donations to political parties during elections, tax dodging, devastating the environment from genetic manipulation all the way to radioactive pollution, forging measurements, warmongering, manipulation of prices, bribery – DOW CHEMICAL are involved in countless crimes against mankind and the environment.
The company’s name is closely linked with production of armaments, in this context names like AGENT ORANGE and NAPALM ring a bell. Likewise, it is linked with the biggest chemical desaster in the history of mankind (1984) – ever since the affiliation with UNION CARBIDE in Bhopal (India).
The company even refuses to clear the factory grounds which is in a densely populated area with millions of inhabitants. Nor would they clean the subterranean water which is polluted. So people are dying until the present day. Children are poisoned every day.
ethecon denounced Andrew N. Liveris (CEO) and James M. Ringler (Member of the Board) as well as major shareholders of the chemical giant DOW CHEMICAL Company (USA) with the 2014/2015 International ethecon Black Planet Award.

DOW CHEMICAL must be stopped!



Ladies and Gentlemen,

I urge for the liability of the major shareholders and managers in charge of DOW CHEMICAL for all damages and the proscription
of the DOW CHEMICAL Company.


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