Bestowal of the Black Planet Award 2009

On Wednesday, May 19, at 10 am local time in the Taipei NGO House1 the International ethecon „Black Planet Award 2009“ will be presented to representatives of the multi-national chemical corporation FORMOSA PLASTICS GROUP (FPG). This censure prize publically exposes and condemns owner family Wang, CEO Lee Chih-tsuen und the management of FPG: for their outstanding responsibility in the conjuration of a „black planet“ and accordingly for the ruin and destruction of the earth.

In cooperation with ethecon, several social and environmental justice organisations will present the award, among them Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association Taiwan, Mercy on the Earth Taiwan, Green Party Taiwan, Taiwan Watch Institute and the Green Formosa Front.

Links to the activities against Formosa Plastics in Taiwan

FPG Truth
pics on flickr about Black Planet Award 2009 in Taiwan
Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association

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