„Anti-Nuclear Movement stronger than ever“
Wendland Expert Wolfgang Ehmke Speaker at the 2010 ethecon conference

Wolfgang Ehmke, board member of the Lüchow-Dannenberg Citizens‚ Initiative for Ecological Protection, will speak at the ethecon conference „Atomic Energy - No thanks!“ on November 20, 2010 in Berlin. He will talk about the widespread anger in Germany in regard to the government‘s recent decision to extend the operation time of atomic power plants. This decision, which was made solely in the interest of the energy companies and in complete disregard for the prevalent anti-nuclear sentiment within the populace, led to the largest protest and resistance actions ever in Wendland, the region designated for terminal nuclear waste storage.

The high number and variety of protest actions accompanying the Castor transport show that atomic energy as a topic is not only as explosive as ever, but that it is able to ignite protests of hitherto unknown breadth and intensity. The federal government, however, continues to ignore the widespread doubts and fears prevalent within the populace. Instead, it bows to the profit-centered interests of the atomic energy companies.

In answer to the resulting open conflicts, the federal government resorts to police intervention on a hitherto unknown scale, with all ensuing consequences. Personally authorized by Chancellor Merkel, ten thousands of German policemen, together with French and Croatian reinforcements, met peaceful demonstrators with billy clubs, water cannons and tear gas. They were assisted by the „logistical support of the Bundeswehr (army)“ through the use of drones. At least 1000 demonstrators were wounded.

The Citizens‚ Initiative rightly emphasizes that the use of police forces to ensure the success of the transport cannot make up for the lack of political legitimacy for the nuclear power policy which stands behind the Castor transport. Conference speaker Wolfgang Ehmke, who has been part of the resistance movement in Wendland for decades, will evaluate the recent developments as an eye witness. „Now that the moratorium for the salt mines in Gorleben has been repealed, the madness of the political standpoint is once again the focus of the conflict“, Ehmke explained. Although it is possible to transport atomic waste from A to B, a safe place for terminal nuclear waste storage cannot be found anywhere in the whole world. For the simple reason that no one can guarantee that nuclear wastes can be stored safely for a million years. Ehmke‘s speach is awaited with great anticipation.

In the course of the conference, ethecon - Foundation Ethics & Economics will confer two international awards. The positive Blue Planet Award recognizes exceptional efforts to maintain and save the „Blue Planet“. The negative Black Planet Award exposes and condemns actions responsible for the ruin and destruction of the „Blue Planet“. These awards have been granted annually since 2006.

The International ethecon Blue Planet Award 2010 will be bestowed on the refugee and human rights activist Elias Bierdel. The laudation honoring Elias Bierdel will be held by the former federal minister and current member of the Bundestag (parliament) Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul.

The International ethecon Black Planet Award 2010 castigates former CEO Tony Hayward, new CEO Bob Dudley, board chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg, the executive management and the major shareholders of BP. The speech criticizing BP will be held by Dr. Winfried Wolf, former member of the Bundestag and current editor-in-chief of the quarterly Lunapark21.

The ethecon conference „Atomic Energy - no thanks!“ and the ceremony awarding the two international ethecon prizes take place on

Samstag, 20. November
Pfefferwerk „Großen Saal“
Schönhauser Allee 176, 10199 Berlin
2:00 p.m. (Admission starts at 1:00 p.m.)

The conference is free of charge, but registration is required. Participants may register through the

ethecon conference office
Schweidnitzer Str. 41
40231 Düsseldorf
Phone 0211 - 26 11 210
Fax 0211 - 26 11 220
eMail mailto:info@ethecon.org

In contrast to many corporate, family, church, political and state foundations, ethecon is one of the few foundations empowered by ordinary citizens and which sees its mission in its responsibility toward coming generations. This young foundation is financed through endowment contributions, donations and sustaining memberships.

Advance Notice: The press conference concerning the ethecon conference and award bestowal will take place in the presence of awardee Elias Bierdel, Katharina Mayer and Dr. Winfried Wolf on:

Saturday, November 20, 2010, 12.00 noon
Pfefferwerk Haus 8, Presseraum (Press room)
Schönhauser Allee 176, 10199 Berlin

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