The Black Planet Award 2010 bashes the parting managing director of BP, Tony Hayward, the managing director elect Bob Dudley, the chairman of the board Carl-Henric Svanberg, as well as BP’s management and major shareholders. The BP Group, worth billions, is to blame for one of the worst environmental disasters of all times including the death of eleven workers. The oil slick, result of unnecessary economizing in security, has literally caused a “Black Planet”. Instead of recovering the leaking oil, BP has used an extremely poisonous solvent that has been prohibited in Europe for a long time. The only reason, of course, is to prevent unpleasant photos from appearing in the news. The dissolved oil is still in the water, it can, however, not be recovered any more. Rather than learning from this great mistake, the BP Group is planning further drilling in the deep sea of the Mediterranean. At the same time BP is looking back on a long list of avoidable industrial accidents and incidents of serious pollution.

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