Supporting ethecon voluntarily by the means of translation services is a very important opportunity. As a foundation we are working internationally. That is why the workload in translation services is always enormously strong: press releases, pamphlets, explanations and all other types of printed media. As you can see, our homepage looks still quite skinny with regard to English and Spanish translations.

Currently we get support for our English and Spanish texts by one or two interpreters. As they also have other commitments, we are strongly looking for more interpreters.

Up to the present we are exclusively working with English and Spanish texts but we are also highly interested to get supported by other languages.

If you are qualified in any language to translate and / or proofread translations, please get in contact with us here. We would greatly appreciate any help!

If you donít have the time or opportunity for volunteering and supporting our foundation, we also appreciate your financial support by sustaining members or contributors at any time.

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