As a citizen of Japan and as a world compatriot I would like to condemn in public as most irresponsible persons all those politicians, civil servants and company executives all of whom have planned, built, operated and still operate nuclear power stations in Japan. Particularly those who bear responsibility for TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc.), of course.

Even though they knew it very well from the very beginning that there is never such a thing as 100 percent safety they kept playing down the potential nuclear risk which cannot be controlled and claimed that the nuclear power stations are safe. They knew that in Japan which is the country with the most frequent earthquakes in the world there is a likelihood of huge earthquakes and tsunamis any time and anywhere. And that the result would be a major worst case scenario incident. They knew very well that they would never be able to compensate for the incredible damages of such an event.

The Fukushima major worst case scenario incident of 11th March 2011 is a proof that they have cheated Japanese citizens. Now they even try to dodge their own responsibility claiming that this major Fukushima incident was due to the power of nature which was beyond their imagination.

What a swindle!

What a coward inhuman excuse!

Hundreds of thousands of people have already been exposed to dangerous radiation levels. It is particularly children and adolescents who are expected to suffer extreme long-term damages to their health. But even the unborn future generations face a serious risk which will be passed on as a heritage.

A 30, 40 or 50 kilometer radius around the scene of the Fukushima incident or rather an even bigger area will be indefinitely polluted and unfit for human residence. But even in a much bigger region within a distance of 100, 200 or 300 kms from the scene of the explosion there may be a high risk to human lives. And still many citizens are forced to live in these areas with the threat of radiation levels.

It is these politicians, it is these corrupt civils servants and it is the executive personnel in charge of TEPCO who bear full immediate responsibility for this.

And still these three groups keep helping each other trying to camouflage all threatening facts and trying to play them down. And they appear to be unscrupulous ready to walk over dead people promoting their interests of power politics and business in order to continue the operation of highly dangerous nuclear power stations in Japan and in order to continue the business of nuclear exports. The recent contract about building two new nuclear reactors in Vietnam is a proof for this. To this end since the Fukushima incident, the incumbent politicians and the relevant ministries have repeatedly slackened the laws for radiation levels in spite of a considerable threat to public health. They did so with full intention and in favour of the nuclear operating companies.

Now they make the taxpayer pay for the most urgent costs which are a result of the catastrophe. As a matter of fact it is TEPCO themselves who ought to pay. TEPCO are given credits on top of everything else so that this company which should be bancrupt a long time ago can carry on and operate their nuclear power stations. But all of the Japanese Government’s coffers are not sufficient to cover all the resulting damages.

They are cheating Japanese citizens completely.

Even though the costs of electricity generation from nuclear power stations are the highest by far, especially if you take into consideration the costs of the known risks, the relevant Japanese ministry and TEPCO keep lying to us that electrcity prices are supposed to be much higher without nuclear power stations.

It does not matter weather or not those responsible are sentenced by a Japanese court for their gross negligence and for their intentional cover-ups – they are doomed to live on with the eternal punishment of their own guilt.

In that sense, this Black Planet Award for TEPCO is more than appropriate.

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