ethecon Awards 2012: Honorary Award for Responsibility to Planet goes to Jean Ziegler

The negative award goes to Ivan Glasenberg, Simon Murray and Tony Hayward of the transnational commodities corporation GLENCORE

On International Peace Day 2012 (September 1), ethecon - Foundation Ethics & Economics announced this year┤s recipient of the two international ethecon prizes. The International ethecon 2012 Blue Planet Award honors Prof. Jean Ziegler. The International ethecon 2012 Black Planet Award reviles Ivan Glasenberg, Simon Murray and Tony Hayward and the major shareholders of the Swiss Commodity (Raw materials) Company GLENCORE. The winners were nominated in an international public procedure; the prizes will be awarded on November 17 in Berlin.

Since 2006 the annual ethecon Blue Planet Award has honored individuals for their outstanding efforts to maintain and rescue the „Blue Planet.“ Inextricably linked to this positive prize is the annual International ethecon Black Planet Award. This negative prize exposes and names and shames those who bear enormous responsibility for the ruin and destruction of the earth and so would risk a „Black Planet.“

In 2012, the ethecon Blue Planet Award was awarded to Professor Jean Ziegler of Switzerland. Prof. Ziegler has fought fearlessly for years for the right to food. His most famous statement is „A child who dies of hunger has been murdered.“ Through decades of practicing a very profound critique of globalization and because of his long-standing role as UN Special Rapporteur on Nutrition, he has inspired millions of people around the world. A special example of this is that he has always steadfastly defied any repression by corporations and above all the U.S. government. In 2011, he was going to hold the opening address at the Salzburg Festival. After the announcement that he wanted to appeal directly to the conscience of the rich and powerful and especially to decry food speculation, he was quickly uninvited. Despite this, the speech titled „A Rebellion of Conscience“ became an international sensation. Ziegler is currently active on the Advisory Committee of the UN Human Rights Council and the Advisory Board of the NGO Business Crime Control.

The ethecon Black Planet Award 2012 goes to the senior manager Ivan Glasenberg (CEO), Simon Murray (Chairman) and Tony Hayward (committee for environment, health and safety) as well as the major shareholders of the GLENCORE Corporation, Switzerland. Tony Hayward was named and shamed before in 2010 for his responsibility for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill as the then CEO of BP Group with the 2010 International ethecon Black Planet Award. Thus, Hayward is the first person to receive the Black Planet Award for the second time. These managers and major shareholders manage the world's largest commodity group with $145 billion in sales (2010), and thus the largest Swiss company overall. They currently intend to merge GLENCORE with the mining company XSTRATA. In a study of the 120 largest European publicly traded companies on „sustainability, social responsibility and transparency“ GLENCORE came last (Source: Monitor broadcast on Aug 4, 2011). The company has also attracted negative attention due to tax evasion, corruption allegations, environmental pollution and human rights violations. For the latter GLENCORE already received a naming and shaming in 2008 with the Public Eye Swiss Award. With the Initial Public Offering of the GLENCORE group, its six highest corporate officers made more money than the total population of the 96 poorest countries earned in a year (source: Swiss Federation of Trade Unions, article dated June 25, 2012).

The presentation of the two International ethecon Awards will take place at a public ceremony at the annual ethecon conference on Saturday, November 17, at Pfefferberg in Berlin. The event starts at 2:00 p.m. in the „blue room“ at Sch÷nhauser Allee 176 and is free, but registration is required.

Professor Ziegler will attend the ceremony and accept the prize in person. The reviled GLENCORE managers and major shareholders will receive the award at a later point at public actions in cooperation with international social movements.

The ethecon positive prizes in previous years honored Diane Wilson / USA (2006), Vandana Shiva / India (2007), JosÚ Abreu and Hugo Chavez / Venezuela (2008), Uri Avnery / Israel (2009), Elias Bierdel / Austria (2010) and Angela Davis / USA (2011). The ethecon negative prizes, on the other hand, reviled managers and shareholders of the corporations MONSANTO / USA (2006), NESTL╔ / Switzerland (2007), Blackwater (Xe) / USA (2008), Formosa Plastics Group / Taiwan (2009), BP / UK (2010 ) and TEPCO / Japan 2011.

In contrast to many corporate, family, church, political and state foundations, ethecon is one of the few „grassroots“ foundations, which along with its current 31 benefactors acts with a responsibility to future generations, following the motto „For a world without exploitation and oppression!“ This young foundation is funded through endowments, donations and supporting memberships.

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