Fukushima demands: Nuclear phase-out immediately! Worldwide!
Statement by the Trustees of the ethecon Foundation

At its Board meeting on March 16, the ethecon - Foundation for Ethics & Economics sharply criticized the nuclear industry. This industry steps all over ethics and morality for the sake of profits. „Fukushima shows its relations with millions of victims of radiation is assuming barbaric proportions, and is guided in the interests of the profits of TEPCO and other Japanese nuclear corporations,“ said ethecon official Axel K÷hler-Schnura. The foundation therefore urges the immediate global phase-out of nuclear power.

The call for the shutdown of all nuclear power plants around the world should also stipulate that the decommissioning of nuclear reactors is done under democratic control and at the expense of profiteers, according to the statement. Regarding the costly restoration of a power plant, the rich industrial countries are increasingly trying to dispose of their highly dangerous radioactive waste in poor countries, where the safety and control measures are still inadequate. And this is being done even though the waste must be secured for many generations.

ethecon is committed to the basic ethical and human principles and demands that the primacy of profit be replaced by a shift towards solidarity and the common good. The foundation‚s board of trustees has demanded that nuclear corporations be placed directly under democratic control. The full text can be found at „statements“ on the foundation‘s website www.ethecon.org.

The ethecon Foundation is best known for the annual award of its International ethecon Blue and Black Planet Awards, respectively, in Berlin. The ethecon positive prizes have honored in recent years Diane Wilson / USA (2006), Vandana Shiva / India (2007), JosÚ Abreu and Hugo Chavez / Venezuela (2008), Uri Avnery / Israel (2009), Elias Bierdel / Austria ( 2010), Angela Davis / USA (2011) and Jean Ziegler / Switzerland (2012). The ethecon negative prizes, on the other hand, pilloried sometimes named managers and shareholders of corporations MONSANTO / USA (2006), NESTL╔ / Switzerland (2007), BLACK WATER (XE) / USA (2008), FORMOSA PLASTICS GROUP / Taiwan (2009), BP / Great Britain (2010), TEPCO / Japan (2011) and GLENCORE / Switzerland (2012).

In contrast to many corporate, family, church, political and state foundations, ethecon is one of the few grassroots foundations empowered by ordinary citizens. There are currently 36 endowment contributors. Following the credo äFor a world without exploitation and oppression!ô, it sees its mission in its responsibility toward coming generations. The young foundation is financed through endowment contributions, donations and sustaining memberships.

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