On Wednesday, 06/12/06 the genetic engineering group Monsanto declined to receive the “Black Planet Award”. The deliverer and US American activist Diane Wilson said to this: “The fact that Monsanto declines to receive the price exposes the guilty consciousness of the group and proves at the same time that the company deserves this infamous award!”

The official presentation of the price on Saturday, 02/12 in Berlin was already boycotted by the group. The former state prosecutor Prof. Dr. Erich Schöndorf accused Monsanto in his diatribe of being a great danger for the Blue Planet.

Diane Wilson who handed over the “Blue Planet Award” this year assured that the company’s headquarters in the USA would also be confronted with the infamous price. The crap fisherwoman sank her fishing boat in 1994 out of desperation because her fishing grounds were contaminated by chemicals above a drainpipe in the Gulf of Mexico. Ever since she is active against environmental pollution, war, abuse of power by corporations and politics as well as against human rights abuses. Her life was threatened several times and due to her engagement she has already been arrested 19 times.

Photos of the handover actions can be found here

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