The ethecon foundation denounces the owner and responsible managers of the American killing corporation XE (formerly BLACKWATER) with the international ethecon infamous price „Dead Planet Award 2008” for endangering and ruining our Blue Planet.

On Monday, May 11, 2009 ethecon visited the owner of the American killing corporation XE, the billionaire Erik Prince in Mclean/Virginia. He received the international infamous price of the foundation – the “Dead Planet Award 2008”. The peace activist Colonel a.D. Ann Wright (Vietnam veteran), Ariel Vegosen, Janine Boneparth and the fisherwoman Diane Wilson (also a Vietnam veteran) participated in delivering the award.

The delivery of the infamous price had already been announced in a public event organised by „ethecon – Foundation Ethics & Economics” on March 14 I Berlin. The international well-known peace researcher Peter Strutynski of the University of Kassel uttered a diatribe for the Black Planet Award 2008.

In addition, the handover of the price was publicly presented during the “Stop Blackwater!” conference that took place from 24th till 27th April 2009 in Stockton/Illinois in the USA. About 70 of the conference participants showed moral courage and accessed symbolically the military training area of the XE Corporation in Northwest Stockton in order to end the conference. 20 out of them were arrested by the local police.

An „Open Letter“ was delivered together with the Dead Planet Award 2008 in which the handover of the Dead Planet Award to Erik Prince and the responsible XE managers Gary Jackson, Cofer Black, Chris Taylor, Robert Richter and Brian Bonfiglio of the XE corporation (formerly BLACKWATER) was explained in detail. In the letter that was sent to Erik Prince and his managers it is written, amongst others, “Your company is above the law, escapes parliamentary scrutiny and undermines the state’s monopoly. ... You are not just a threat for peace and human rights but also for democracy and the entire human society. You are capital owners and managers who are responsible for ruining our Blue Planet in an outstanding and scary way.”

Politicians, secret services, security authorities and also private individuals make use of private defence contractors. The American killing corporation XE (formerly BLACKWATER) that, amongst others, is responsible for killing civilians in Iraq is one of the biggest of them.

The presentation of the infamous price Dead Planet Award 2008 of the ethecon foundation that was designed by a young person in Germany has the aim to denounce the operations of the XE Corporation and its responsible managers. This price is a signal against oppression and exploitation and a symbol against arbitrary violent acts done by reckless mercenaries.

Photos of the handover actions can be found here

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