The actions to hand over the International ethecon Black Planet Award are of important and independent significance. They usually take place three to eight months after the public official ceremony when the two international ethecon awards are presented to the recipients.

These presentations are carried out in cooperation with NGOs that deal with the award recipients and they are organised where the award recipients are headquartered or live. In 2013 a delegation of six members of the ethecon foundation travelled to Switzerland in order to hand over the Black Planet Award 2012 in international attendance to those responsible of the Swiss multinational commodity company GLENCORE in Zug/Switzerland (Ivan Glasenberg/CEO, Simon Murray/Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tony Hayward/Environmental, Health and Safety Committee as well as the major shareholders).

The CEO of ethecon, Bettina Schneider, talked during actions at the general meeting of the group on May 16 and handed over the price trophy to the leading managers of GLENCORE. The actions to hand over the award lasted several days and were a subject of great interest to the national and international media and they were also extensively documented on the internet.

A picture of the handover action can be found here

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