International ethecon Awards
Call for nominations

ethecon – Foundation Ethics & Economics is calling for the nomination of recipients of the foundation's two International ethecon Awards. Please let us have your nominations by May 31st. The requirements for putting someone forward are set out in more detail below.

With the International ethecon Blue Planet Award ethecon honors individuals who have shown outstanding committment to the conservation and preservation of our Blue Planet. With the International ethecon Black Planet Award ethecon exposes and condemns individuals who have contributed to the destruction and downfall of our Blue Planet in an outrageous way.

ethecon has been holding this award ceremony once every year since 2006. The aims are to name and shame those who act with total disregard for the well-being of the animate and inanimate world and the social and ecological cohesion of our Blue Planet, and to honour in solidarity those who fight against such destructive behaviour and stand up for the preservation of our Blue Planet.

The award of honour, the International ethecon Blue Planet Award, consists of a valuable piece of art designed by the well-known photographic artist Katharina Mayer from Düsseldorf. Every year, she designs a unique item especially for ethecon. The award of shame, the International ethecon Black Planet Award, on the other hand, is a simple, mass-produced plastic globe that has been defaced by a young person.

Nomination proposals for the two ethecon awards must be sent (postmarked or eMail) by March31 to:

Stiftung Ethik & Ökonomie
Postfach 15 04 35
40081 Düsseldorf, Germany.
Fax (0049) 211 26 11 220

Nominations must be made in written form and must include (Nominations without this information cannot be considered):

Complete address of the person making the nomination
(If an organization makes the nomination, please name a contact person.)

A contact address of the nominees (if possible, the complete contact details)

If at all possible, please include several photos of the nominee (jpg/high resolution).

Detailed written explanation of the reasons for the nomination (1,000-20,000 characters).

Information about background material, documents and other sources. It would help us if you could sort this material according to relevance.

Suggestions regarding the media, especially alternative media, in which information concerning the award presentation should be published either as an article or as an advertisement. Please give entire postal address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Statement suggesting possible appropriate activities that could be carried out in connection with the award presentation. Please tell us to what extent you would be able to support these activities.

Legal notice

Please note that no rights may be derived from the submission of proposals for the two awards.

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