International ethecon Awards for 2017 - Call for nominations

Ever since 2006 „ethecon – Foundation Ethics & Economics“ annually presents two awards:

the International ethecon Blue Planet Award
With this award, ethecon honors individuals who have shown outstanding committment to the conservation and preservation of our Blue Planet.

the International ethecon Black Planet Award
With this award, ethecon exposes and condemns individuals (people) who have contributed to the destruction and downfall of our Blue Planet in an outrageous way.

When ethecon speaks of the Blue Planet, it means the entire animated and inanimated world, the whole social and ecological entity of our planet.

Neither of the International ethecon Awards entails remuneration. However, the actual prize connected with the „Blue Planet Award“ is a piece of art designed by Katharina Mayer, a renowned photographer. Its gallery value is estimated at not less than 10,000 euros.

Today ethecon asks for nominations for the 2012 awards. Any individual or groups of individuals who meets the above stated requirements may be nominated.

Nomination proposals for the two ethecon awards must be postmarked by April 30, 2017 and sent to:

ethecon – Foundation Ethics & Economics
Board of Directors
Postfach 15 04 35 (P.O. Box)
40081 Düsseldorf

Nominations must be made in writen form and must include:

Legal notice
Please note that no rights may be derived from the submission of proposals for the two awards.

ethecon Foundation
„ethecon - Foundation Ethics & Economics“ is an internationally operating grassroots foundation located in Berlin, Germany, whose founders and members originate from many different countries and are/were active in social and ecological movements in Germany and throughout the world.
Thefoundation is dedicated to the strengthening and effective (financial) support of movements advocating justice, peace and ecology.
Founded in 2004, ethecon is still a young and growing foundation wishing to attract further donators and supporters.
Further information is availabe directly through ethecon or under

Earlier Prize Winners
The „Blue Planet Award“ honored:

2006 Diane Wilson / USA

2007 Vandana Shiva / India

2008 José Abreu and Hugo Chavez / both Venezuela

2009 Uri Avnery / Israel

2010 Elias Bierdel / Austria

2011 Angela Davis / USA

2012 Jean Ziegler / Switerland

2013 Esther Bejarano / Germany

2014 / 2015 Tomo Križnar / Solvenia

2016 Huberto Juárez Núñez / Mexico

The „Black Planet Award“ castigated:

2006 Shareholders and responsible managers of MONSANTO / USA

2007 Shareholders and responsible managers of NESTLÉ / Switzerland represented by Peter Brabeck-Letmathe (CEO) and Liliane de Bettencourt (major shareholder)

2008 Erik Prince and responsible managers of XE (BLACKWATER) / USA

2009 Owner family Wang und responsible managers of FORMOSA PLASTICS GROUP / Taiwan

2010 Major shareholders and responsible managers of BP / UK

2011 Major shareholders and responsible managers of TEPCO / Japan

2012 Major shareholders and responsible managers of GLENCORE / Switzerland

2013 Major shareholders and responsible managers of DEUTSCHE BANK / Deutschland

2014 / 2015 Major shareholders and responsible managers of DOW CHEMICAL / USA

2016 Major shareholders and responsible managers of COCA COLA / USA

Berlin, January 20, 2012
Board of Directors and Trustees
ethecon - Foundation Ethics & Economics

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