The central focus of this site is the sharing of detailed information about our foundation. We accordingly conceived of a straight-forward, factual design, and avoided the inclusion any cram which would distract from the presented information.

In our selection of information we aim to achieve maximal transparency. Not only do we publicize our work, our committees, and our projects – we also provide in-depth accounts of our income, our expenditures, and the investment decisions made relating to our foundation’s endowment.

A further criterion for the design of our online presence was reader-friendliness. To this end, the site is entirely formatted in black and white. Font and font size were also chosen so as to provide maximal reader-friendliness.

Finally, the site should be easily and logically navigable. The horizontal menu bar which appears at the very top of every page lists the four main categories which organise all of the information about ethecon. Each category is accompanied by a dedicated menu which is displayed on the left side of the page. All the relevant subsections of the selected category are listed there. At the end of every text, there is a “print-view” option which makes it easy to print out the full text of that menu option.

Under the menu option “Brochures” you will find, among other information, foundation publications including our latest annual report which are available to download in PDF. These materials include the most important information on this website. The PDF files are similarly easy to print, but the Adobe “Acrobat Reader” program is required to do so. In the event that you have yet to install this program on your computer, you can download it from Adobe for free. Should you have comments or suggestions to make about this site, then please contact us.

At this point we would like to thank Professor Korfmacher, the Dean of the Fachhochschule für Design in Düsseldorf, who kindly created and donated our foundation’s logo. We are also grateful to him for the layout of this website.

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