Our blue planet is in serious danger. This is no longer denied, not even by politics and science.

But the underlying cause continues to be ignored: the greed for profit connected with the worldwide dominant economic system.

This profit-based system is responsible for injustice, exploitation and ecological destruction. The lust for profit is becoming more and more the sole motivational force in our society and in our management of the environment. The devastating consequences of this development may no longer be overlooked: massive unemployment, the breakdown of the health-, education- and social security systems, destitution, poverty and homelessness, egoism, crime and ruthlessness, weapons production and war, climate change and the collapse of ecological systems.

A different world, a just world, may only be achieved through the development and the implementation of ecologically-sound and humane economic and social models not based on profit maximization. To reach this goal, we must start at the roots, that is, within the competing interests of ethics and economics. We must stand up against those who profit from the globalization process and social decay. For the good of ecology and society, the primacy of ethical principles over economics must be asserted. The rescue of our planet will only be possible when the supremacy of the profit principle is replaced by an economic system based on ethical principles.

The transformation of our society in the direction of a just and fair social system with an intact environment and the overcoming of the profit principle cannot be achieved overnight. This requires perserverence and endurance. In order to achieve this necessary change, broad social movements must be established and fragmented forces united. However, good ideas and voluntary commitment alone are not enough. They must be backed by sufficient financial means.

This is where „ethecon - Foundation Ethics & Economics“ comes in. Whereas other groups and organizations – in a historical context – are active for a short time only, ethecon follows the insight, that successful work for the implementation of ethical principles in the interest of ecology and society must be designed to operate on a long-term basis, continuing past the current generation. The legal form as a foundation was deliberately chosen in order to ensure the necessary on-going financial basis for the securing and defence of the principle of solidarity as opposed to the principle of profit.

In order to bequeath future generations with a strong foundation, ethecon needs further endowment contributions, donations and sustaining members. Founded in 2004, the foundation was able to increase its initial capital of 85,000 Euros fourfold through the aid of subsequent endowment contributions (the latest figures may be found in the foundation's brochure „For a World without Exploitation and Oppression“ or on our website).

ethecon seeks people who, in light of the current devastating ecological and social developments, wish to use their financial resources in a responsible way. Many people want not only to talk about a just world, but to find ways to realize it, always with the goal of a sound environment, peace and humane working conditions for coming generations.

Here is where you can help. If you agree that the prevailing profit-defined conditions must be opposed on a long-range basis, beyond the current generation, then please support „ethecon – Foundation Ethics & Economics“. If an endowment contribution (from 5,000 euros) is not possible, your donation or, even better, your sustaining membership (from 60 euros per year) would be greatly appreciated. It is now possible to make an endowment contribution over a longer period of time, with monthly payments starting at 20 euros. All contributions are tax-deductible (national laws may differ on this point). In Germany, the tax-exemption limit is much higher than for regular donations and also more advantageous than for donations to political parties.

Please act now! ethecon needs you, as an endowment contributor, donor or sustaining member.

You may reach “ethecon – Foundation Ethics & Economics" here.

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