Anniversary – ethecon celebrates five years of grass-roots foundation

“ethecon – foundation for ethics and economics” is inviting nationwide for the celebration of the 5th anniversary of this grass-roots foundation on

March 14th 2009, 2 p.m.
in “Großer Saal”, Pfefferwerk
Schönhauser Allee 176, 10119 Berlin

The response to this invitation is very lively, which is also due to the special programme of this event:
Ø Conrad Schuhler, economist with the Institute fuer sozial-oekologische Wirschaftsforschung (ISW) in Munich, will give a lecture on „Financial Capital – Speculation, Crises, Alternatives”.
Ø Prof. Jürgen Rochlitz, former MP, will introduce the startling music programm “El Sistema” in Venezuela and then present the International Ethecon Blue Planet Award 2008 to José Abreu and Hugo Chavez.
Ø Peter Strutinsky, peace researcher at the University of Kassel, will speak about the American Killer Company BLACKWATER and hand over the International Ethicon Black Planet Award 2008 to its owner Erik Prince and his management.

“ethecon – foundation for ethics and economics” was registered by the Senate of Berlin as a foundation according to civil law on January 16th 2004. At that time, the assets of the foundation were mere 80,000 Euro, a sum with which – as was obvious to the two founders – not very much would be achievable, in particular not against all the big companies which they held responsible for ecological devastation, social injustice and war mongering. But after many years of experience in social policy and environmental issues, the two founders felt certain that, over time, they would find a number of people who would be willing to support the foundation with minor or major amounts of money. And, indeed, five years later, further nine founders have joined them, and ethecon can now resort to 520,000 Euro of assets.

Contrary to the many foundations that originate from companies, families, churches, political parties or states, ethecon is one of few ‘grass-root foundations’, its main purpose being the concern for future generations. At the moment, ethecon has eleven chief sponsors; donations and additional sustaining members are highly welcome.

For further information, background, original sounds and interviews: contact the director of ethecon, Hubert Ostendorf (mobile: + 152-2152 9077).

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