ZERO-legend OttoPiene has designed international ethecon prize. Together with ethecon, Otto Piene, the artist of international fame, has given shape to the “Blue Planet project”

Vandana Shiva has got one, Diane Wilson as well, and José Abreu and Hugo Chavez will receive it on March 14th, 2009: the prize that was created by one of the great contemporary artists and will be – an autographed unicum – of priceless value. Every year since 2006, “ethecon – the Foundation for Ethics and Economics”, in co-operation with Otto Piene, has awarded the “Blue Planet Award” for outstanding services to the salvation and preservation of our planet.

This prize and its complement: the “Black Planet Award”, likewise awarded annually but designed by young people, are the product of the close connection between Otto Piene and the ethecon Foundation, of the congenial interplay between his artistic creativity and its social commitment.

Professor Otto Piene, born in 1928, is one of the great artists of the 20th century.In 1957, he founded, together with Günther Uecker and Heinz Mack, the artists’ group ZERO, a milestone in art history. Piene’s works such as “Images of Fire”, “Light Ballet” and “Sky-Art” are legendary. In 1971, Piene was assigned to design the opening and closing ceremonies of the XX. Olympic Games in Munich. Of late, Pienes most recent piece of art, the “Geleucht” in Moers, gained public acclaim in the presence of many celebrities. Piene’s work is shown in all leading museums worldwide and has been overwhelmed by honours of all sorts.

The ethecon Foundation counts itself lucky to have found in Otto Piene a prominent combattant for its ideas. Piene put all his artistic energy and social commitment into ethecon’s “Blue Planet Project” and, by promoting the ethicon-prizes “Blue Planet Award” and “Black Planet Award”, made his invaluable contribution to saving the planet.

Both awards signify: There is hope! And both awards, completely in line with Piene and the Foundation, postulate: “Let there be more light, more green!”
This year, “ethecon – the Foundation for Ethics and Economics” presents the “Blue Planet Award 2008” to José Abreu and Hugo Chavez – for “El Sistema”, that unique programme against poverty and misery in Venezuela. The mock-prize – the “Black Planet Award 2008” – is bestowed on Erik Prince and his management board, responsible for the crimes of the US-company BLACKWATER.

Both international awards of 2008 will be handed over during the
International ethecon-Conference on

Financial Capital
Speculation, Crises, Alternatives
March 14th 2009, 2 p.m.
in “Großer Saal”, Pfefferwerk
Schönhauser Allee 176, 10119 Berlin
Main speakers will be Professor Jürgen Rochlitz, Conrad Schuhler and Peter Strutinsky.

Contrary to the thousands of foundations that originate from companies, families, churches, political parties or states, ethecon is one of the few ‘grass-root foundations’ whose main purpose is concern for future generations. At the moment, the foundation has eleven chief sponsors; donations and additional sustaining members are highly welcome.

For further information, background, original sounds and interviews: contact the director of ethecon, Hubert Ostendorf (mobile: + 152-2152 9077).

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