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Justification of the Blue Planet Award 2006

The executive committee of “ethecon - Foundation Ethics & Economics" has decided to give this year’s international positive “Blue Planet Award” to the American environmental activist Diane Wilson, USA. The reasons for this decision are the following:

“Blue Planet Award”

Diane Wilson has been given the “Blue Planet Award” because for more than 20 years she has been committed to environmental issues, partly even putting her life at risk. The maintenance of the environment at the Gulf of Mexico and of people’s health in this region has been the main objective of Diane Wilson, being a former crab fisherwoman herself. Her home county, Calhoun County, Texas, is meant to be the most contaminated area of the whole of the United States. Every day, the six colossuses of the chemical industry - including DOW CHEMICAL, DUPONT, ALCOA ALUMINIUM, FORMOSA, BP CHEMICAL, and CARBON CARBIDE – conduct millions of litres of waste water into the sea. The extremely poisonous substances like benzol, arsenic, acetone, cadmium, ammonia, chloroform and ethylene oxide do not only pollute nature but also make people ill.

One day, Diane Wilson scuttled her boat and declared war on the powerful people in politics and economy: “I wanted to emphasize that intact nature is the most valuable we have. A boat can be replaced, a dead bay, however, cannot.” This courageous Texan woman could not be thrown off her course by whatever, charges, death threats or even attempts on her life. She carries on talking with workers of the chemical industry, informing journalists about dead fish, concealed accidents, illegal dumps of toxic waste. She even goes on hunger strike. At the moment, she is struggling against the Iraq War.

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