With an annual revenue of 78 Billion $ and 106.000 employees FORMOSA PLASTICS GROUP is one of the world‚s biggest enterprises. Since the beginning of 2016 FPG operates the FORMOSA HA TINH STEEL steel mill in Vietnam.

The opening of the steel mill was attended by a mass dying of fish in 4 vietnamese provinces. Massive amounts of fish carcasses are being washed ashore in an area that covers about 200 kilometers of the vietnamese coast. The local population‘s health is severly damaged after eating fish and the ecological balance of that region is about to tip. One newspaper even reported a casualty. There are also reports about the vietnamese government urging the people not to eat fish.

Local newspapers speak of a pipeline going from the steel mill directly into the ocean emitting highly toxic waste. Environment secretary Vo Tuan Nhan and the vietnamese government are powerless facing the global player FPG. They still don‚t know what exactly the substance is that the steel mill disposes off.

The mass dying of fish already led to a shortage in one of the regions staple foods. Fisheries in the 4 affected provinces are nearly economically ruined.

The vietnamese population is massively threatened. In 2018 the protests and demonstrations are growing again.
In Summer 2017 FORMOSA officially confessed their responsibility for the catastrophy and promised about 500 Million US-Dollar worth of reparations. One year later, the affected coastal population of vietnam still hasn‘t seen any sufficient help.

ethecon - Foundation Ethics & Economy has already internationally pillaried the owners and the responsible management of the FORMOSA PLASTICS GROUP in 2009 with the international Black Planet Award for their irresponsible, destructive and degrading behavior. Now we appeal again to FPG to stop the environmental destruction right away and make amends for any damage caused. The responsible employees of FPG must be taken to court and be punished adequately!

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Dear Sir or Madame,

Stop the massive environmental destruction in Vietnam right now and make amends for any demage caused. The responsible employees of FPG must be taken to court and be punished adequately.


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