Dear Madam, dear Sir,

Together with all those around the world who join in protest against exploitation and oppression, we at ethecon - Foundation Ethics & Economics mourn this great loss and send our condolences to the people of Venezuela, who are deeply distraught over the death of their president.

We followed the course of his illness with great concern. Along with millions of people throughout the world and within Venezuela itself, we continued to hope for the recovery of His Excellency Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías. Fate took a different course.

Our big worry now is that the ruthless powers within the reactionary parties try to use the situation created by this tragedy to overthrow the numerous achievements for peace and social advancement and to influence the international balance of power in their favor.

Hugo Chávez was honoured in 2008 by our foundation. Together with José Abreu he was presented with the International ethecon Blue Planet Award for his dedicated work in the „El Sistema“ project. The actual prize was accepted by ambassadress Her Excellency Blancanieve Portocarrero with great human warmth and panache.

Yours truly,
Axel Köhler-Schnura
in the name of the board of directors and the trustees of
ethecon - Foundation Ethics & Economics

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