ethecon calls for a boycott
against the BP company

In view of the dramatic catastrophe in the Golf of Mexico and the outrageous developments in this context, “ethecon - Foundation Ethics & Economics” appeals to the public with an international call for a boycott.

BP is with a sales volume of 367 billion US dollars the fourth largest concern in the world. The oil catastrophe, for which BP is responsible, is a harrowing example of how financial holders and company executives as a whole, in their race for ever higher returns and profits, are bringing our planet to the brink of disaster. „ethecon – Foundation Ethics & Economics“ is launching a boycott against the BP concern and as many of its subsidiairies and brands as possible, such as AMOCO, ARAL, ARCO, BP-Solar CASTROL, am/pm and the WILD BEAN CAFÉ.

Axel Köhler-Schnura, chairman of the board and one of the founders of ethecon, urges: „Let us boycott BP until the company has halted the catastrophe, resolved the ecological damage and social impact and assumed responsibility for all long-term damages! Let us boycott BP until the accountable executives and the large financial holders behind them have been punished and have payed for all losses for which they were responsible!“

In addition to the boycott, ethecon calls upon the public to send protest emails to BP and the US-American government, and starts a collection of signatures for the demands made in its call for a boycott (see Simultaneously, ethecon asks for the wide distribution of this call for a boycott via email, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and so on.
After a protest action against the BP company taking place during a US Senate hearing, the awardee of the International ethecon Blue Planet Award 2006, Diane Wilson, was arrested. Her trial starts June 18th. If found guilty, she faces a year’s imprisonment.

In contrast to many corporate, family, church, political, and state foundations, ethecon is one of the few foundations initiated by the rank and file and which sees its main mission in its responsibility toward future generations. This young foundation is financed through endowment contributions, donations and sustaining memberships.

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