FPG Concern Annual Stockholders Meeting
Management under criticism

The annual stockholders meeting of FORMOSA PLASTICS GROUP takes place in Taiwan on Friday, June 25. During the meeting an international alliance of critical stockholders from Europe, the USA and Taiwan will expose and condemn owner family Wang and accountable FPG executives through the presentation of the International Black Planet Award 2009. This award was granted by the ethecon foundation located in Berlin, Germany for FPG‚s „dramatic crimes against mankind and the environment“ (ethecon).

The meeting, beginning at 2:00 pm local time in the concern‘s headquarters in Taipei, will be under the sign of on-going massive protests, which started at the beginning of June. One central point will be the presentation of the international ethecon negative prize, the Black Planet Award 2009, which aims to condemn in particular owner family Wang, CEO Lee Chih-tsuen and the executive management of FPG and to expose them as a responsible party in the destruction of the planet. Together with spokespersons from „ethecon - Foundation Ethics & Economics“ („ethecon - Stiftung Ethik & Ökonomie“), representatives of several taiwanese social and environmental protection organisations will attend the meeting. The participation of the US-american FPG activist Diane Wilson, recipient of the ethecon Blue Planet Award 2006, is also planned. Weeks prior to the meeting there was an uproar when FPG answered protest actions with censure and legal threats.

Formosa Plastics Group is one of the world‚s largest producers of the infamous substance PVC. This product ist reputed to cause major illnesses such as cancer, cardio-vascular diseases and circulatory problems as well as miscarriages and birth defects. FPG is also one of the world‘s largest producers of bisphenol A, which is currently under massive criticism in Germany and all of Europe. It has been prohibited in several countries. In addition, the concern is known throughout the world for its scandalous negligence in regard to environmental and health protection issues. For more information please see the dossier compiled by „ethecon - Foundation Ethics & Economics“ in German, English and Spanish.

In the years 2006-2008 the owners and/or the stockholders as well as the executive management of MONSANTO (2006), NESTLÉ (2007) und XE/BLACKWATER (2008) were publicly censured through the bestowal of ethecon's Black Planet Award.

Parallel to the annual presentation of its negative prize, ethecon also grants a positive prize for outstanding efforts to foster the future of the planet. Former recipients of the International ethecon Blue Planet Award were Diane Wilson/USA (2006), Vandany Shiva/India (2007), José Abreu und Hugo Chávez/Venezuela (2008) and Uri Avnery/Israel (2009).

In contrast to many corporate, family, church, political and state foundations, ethecon is one of the few foundations empowered by ordinary citizens and which sees its mission in its responsibility toward coming generations. This young foundation is finanzed through endowment contributions, donations and sustaining memberships.

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