The bestowal of the international ethecon Dead Planet award

The recipients of the award are informed (by the international media) but due to our contempt for the recipients they are not invited to the official ceremony in Berlin. Instead, only their names will be announced during that ceremony and they will be awarded with the infamous award. The reasons that led ethecon to award the ethecon Dead Planet Award (formerly „Black Planet Award“) to a specific company are published in a brochure and will be circulated internationally in three languages. In addition, the award recipients will be addressed in public and internationally in an open letter that will also be published in three languages.

Another very important part of the two international ethecon awards is the activities to hand over the international ethecon Dead Planet Award that usually take place three to eight months after the official ceremony. The handovers take place in cooperation with NGOs that deal with the award recipients and are organised where the award recipients are headquartered or where they live. The actual handover of the award takes place in spectacular fashion in public. In this way, it is made obvious that the award is a negative one in contrast to a positive award and at the same time public protest will be enhanced.

Handover of the Dead Planet Award 2013 to DEUTSCHE BANK
Handover of the Dead Planet Award 2012 to Glencore
Handover of the Dead Planet Award 2011 to TEPCO
Handover of the Dead Planet Award 2010 to BP
Handover of the Dead Planet Award 2009 to Formosa Plastic
Handover of the Dead Planet Award 2008 to Black Water (XE)
Handover of the Dead Planet Award 2007 to Nestlé
Handover of the Black Planet Award 2006 to Monsanto

The foundation continuously conducts several campaigns for the International ethecon Dead Planet Award with the aim to shame corporations, managers and major shareholders. The main purpose is to raise public awareness about problems that were caused by the infamous representatives of corporations and to put them under public pressure in order to accomplish changes. It concerns, for example, the following people and corporations:

* Major shareholders and senior managers of MONSANTO/USA (Dead PA 2006)
* Major shareholder Liliane Bettencourt, CEO Peter Brabeck- etmathe
and major shareholders of the Swiss food corporation NESTLÉ/Switzerland (Dead PA 2007)
* Erik Prince (owner) as well as Gary Jackson, Cofer Black, Chris Taylor, Robert Richter and Brian Bonfiglio (responsible managers) of the military corporation BLACKWATER/USA (Dead PA 2008)
* Owner family Wang, CEO Lee Chih-tsuen and major shareholders of the chemistry and genetic engineering company FORMOSA PLASTICS/Taiwan (Dead PA 2009)
* Tony Hayward (former CEO), Bob Dudley (CEO), Carl-Henric Svanberg (chairman) as well as the major shareholders of the world’s fourth largest corporation, the oil and energy giant BP/Great Britain (Dead PA 2010)
* Tsunehisa Katsumata (chairman), Masataka Shimizu (former president), Toshio Nishizawa (president) as well as the major shareholders of the energy company TEPCO/ Japan (Dead PA 2011)
* Ivan Glasenberg (CEO), Simon Murray (chairman), Tony Hayward (board of directors) as well as the major shareholders of the world’s largest multinational commodity company GLENCORE/ Schweiz (Dead PA 2012)
*The CEOs Anshu Jain and Jürgen Fitschen and other managers and major shareholders of one of the world’s largests financial corporations, DEUTSCHE BANK (Dead PA 2013 )

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