Washington DC (USA), 4th May 2017. The turn from April to May was dominated by protest in the capital of the United States. Activists of the ethecon foundation were amongst the people who participated in the various marches. The protests were started off by the dance demonstration ResisDANCE outside the White House on 28th April. The highlight was the People’s Climate March on 29th April with about 200,000 attendants.

‘Even though 1st May is a normal working day here, many thousands of people took to the streets,’ recounts the activist Sibylle. Afterwards, she and her colleague Anabel attended the court trial of three activists from the Code Pink movement who they are friends with. The charge: disturbing a Congress session. The trial, however, was soon adjourned: when the Code Pink activists criticised the Attorney General of the United States for his closeness to the Ku Klux Klan, they were immediately arrested again.

The activists’ itinerary originally included a visit to the protest camp in Standing Rock, where Sioux along with many other activists fought against the planned Dakota Access Pipeline. The camp, however, was evicted in late February. The ethecon activists therefore decided to express their protest and solidarity in Washington.

The cause of the journey across the Atlantic is the presentation of the International ethecon Black Planet Award 2016. The foundation awarded that negative prize to the beverage corporation Coca Cola last autumn. The activists’ first stop was the Annual Shareowners’ Meeting that took place in the World of Coca-Cola building in Atlanta, Georgia, on 26th April. A visit to Coca-Cola’s largest investor, Warren Buffet, is planned for the coming weekend.

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