Vorstellung Sibylle Arians

My name is Sibylle Arians. I am 66 years old and a retired teacher for geography, philosophy and physical education. To teach geography means researching and tracking the development of our planet. This beautiful planet is a home town for 7.4 billion people, and it was my job to teach young people all the knowledge necessary to orientate themselves on mother earth, including knowledge of the interaction of influencing factors that shape our habitat. We all need a high level of knowledge to preserve our living space, our Blue Planet. The highest aim is to use this homeland in a way that it can be homeland for the coming generations, for living a life in peace, security and prosperity.
In 1968, I began to study and travel, 48 years ago. I am still fascinated by the beauties of the earth, as well as by the people and the different cultures they have developed. But increasingly, I realized how catastrophic the wounds are,which human beings beat Mother Nature, and how massive the threats are created by the capitalist exploitation strategies of global corporations.
I saw poisoned rivers, degenerated soils, melting glaciers and growing deserts. I saw the peasants deprived of their soil and rights of their seed. I saw the torment of the miners, beaten, hungry and badly paid as they rip up the earth to
shove their treasures into the alchemy kitchen of the big industries. I saw the misery of the workers at the production plants of the global apparel industry, blast furnaces, chemical factories. I saw working children. Destitute old,
sick people without medical care. And I saw splendid company centers, astronomical profits and prodigal banquets in the executive.
When I retired two years ago, I decided that I would use the coming years to publicly show up those who, despite of today’s knowledge, destroy nature and make people suffer. That is why I am going to the Wallstreet on Dec. 3, the
anniversary of the Bhopal disaster and to the headquarters of DOW in Midland, in order to hand over the vilifying Black Planet prize to people who have earned it to the highest degree.
I find it very suitable that I can do this together with Anabel. She could be my daughter – I gave birth to my youngest son, child no. 4, in the same year in which she was born. We represent two very different generations: We have made he bed they must now lie in it. With my knowledge and with my time and commitment, I will help our children and grandchildren to rescue our Blue Planet.

Sibylle Arians
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