During World War II VOLKSWAGEN produced for the Wehrmacht and exploited forced labour of thousands of prisoners of war and inmates of concentration camps. After the war VOLKSWAGEN has continued to support fascist rule in other countries, enabled the rise of the military dictatorship in Brazil in 1964 and cooperated in the monitoring, arresting, torturing and killing of union-members and fierce workers. To this day VOLKSWAGEN refuses to pay adequate reperations to survivors or their families.
VOLKSWAGEN holds on to a model of mobility, which is based on individual traffic and internal combustion engines, although it is proven to cause disease and death by pollution and even climate change. By installing cheating-software in it’s Diesel-engines and also by it’s lobbying of politics, the management of VOLKSWAGEN prevents a successful legal approach to battle climate change and the pollution of the air. As a world market leader VOLKSWAGEN, especially the executive management and the major shareholders, are responsibly for the global gridlock, the worldwide, lethal pollution of urban areas and even climate change.

The International ethecon Black Planet Award 2018 vilifies the CEO Herbert Diess, the chairman of the supervisory board Hans Dieter Pötsch aswell as the major shareholders Wolfgang Porsche (POERSCHE HOLDING SE) and Stephan Weil (prime minister of lower saxony/SPD) of the world`s largest automaker VOLKSWAGEN AG. [|more…]


Ladies and Gentlemen,

- End the exploitation and the ruin of mankind and nature through the VOLKSWAGEN corporation!
- Clean up the environment that you contaminated!
- Ensure social justice, security and human rights for the corporation's employees as well as its suppliers!
- Compensate the thousands of victims and relatives of german fascism and the military junta of Brazil!
- Use your money for ethical investments and solidarity projects instead of chasing profits!


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